Spontaneous Knife Defense

PPCT Spontaneous Knife defense

Law enforcement, parole and correction officers all know that an edge weapon attack can happen in an instant.  Obviously, if you have the option, avoid the attack or deploy deadly force. The problem is that most edge weapon attacks come quickly with little or no warning.

MG Tactical Advantage instructors have been trained in PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense (SKD). Officers will learn what to expect when an attack happens, the effects on the body during this extremely stressful event, the survival mindset needed to survive, avoidance tactics to assist in minimizing officer injury and disarming techniques to secure the weapon from your attacker.  Officers will be asked to participate in physical drills that will improve reaction time and help understand what is needed to survive an edged weapon attack.

At the end of this 16 hour course all officers will receive a certification from PPCT.

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