Rifle Fighting

This is a one day patrol rifle course designed to bridge the gap between basic rifle skills and advanced weapon training.  Our Rifle Fighting course provides simple, workable, real-world skills that are safe, immediately deployable and legally defensible.

Officers taking this course should be comfortable with loading and unloading their rifle, clearing malfunctions, and consistently “hitting” from different stances and platforms.  Strict muzzle discipline and trigger finger management are expected.

Training evolutions will include -“Hit ’em, Check ’em, then scan”, threat assessment, utilizing cover/concealment, training for the offset, realistic movement, weapon transition/layered offense, and equipment theories.

Equipment needs:

Patrol Rifle – must be capable of firing semi-auto (AR 15/M16 style, Mini 14, etc.) with iron sites (optics are optional), sling, 4 magazines with carriers

Duty handgun with holster, 2 handgun magazines and carriers

Ballistic vest, baseball style or cap with a brim, clear or light colored wrap around eye protection, hearing protection and a hydration source

Ammunition Needs:

300 rounds of 5.56, .223, or pistol caliber rifle ammunition – steel penetrating rounds are not acceptable

100 rounds of pistol ammunition

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Course Cost: $180.00

To register:  call 717-243-1304 or click here.


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