Rapid Deployment / Active Shooter Response

[singlepic id=4 w=320 h=240 float=right]The tragedy at Columbine High School changed the law enforcement world as we knew it.  Although school attacks were not a new occurrence, up until that day, none were as deadly or well planned as that devastating event.  Few police agencies imagined this sort of attack would happen in their jurisdiction.  Even fewer prepared or trained for such an incident.  Something about that April day in 1999 caused peace officers and agencies to rethink everything.

Rapid deployment training has been the overwhelming nationwide response to these ever increasing active shooter situations.  MG Tactical Advantage’s rapid deployment training provides patrol officers, supervisors and command staff with the tactics and mind-set needed to face an immediate threat to multiple lives scenario.  This course will assist the first responders with the decision making skills to determine what needs to be done and in what order.  Participants will learn about the entry team and the skills required to make the safest immediate entry possible.  Officers will also learn about the rescue team, building and room entry techniques, and will learn about the mental stress involved in passing some victims in order to save others.

MG Tactical Advantage’s Rapid Deployment course was developed, presented on video, and is taught statewide by Mike Guido.  Mike was one of the members of the Municipal Police Officer Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) Rapid Deployment to an Active Shooter advisory council.  All of the instructors are well versed in the tactics and steps required to ensure the highest probability of a positive outcome.

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Rapid Deployment – This course is a static 8 hours of training.  The first 4 hours are classroom education followed by 4 hours of drills that include team movement, room entry, room clearing and decision making.

Active Shooter Response – This 8 hour course will put officers into realistic tactical force on force situations.  These force on force scenarios will include role players, dynamic stimulus, and if the training site permits, simunitions (Simunition or air-soft) will be used.    Students must have attended some version of Rapid Deployment training prior to attending the Active Shooter Response course.

The Rapid Deployment and Active Shooter Courses can be combined to make a 2 day training session.

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