Prepared and Qualified

Are you prepared and qualified?

If you had to think about it, even for a second, you aren’t.  The majority of training offered to law enforcement is designed to prepare officers to survive a violent encounter.  However, there is more to surviving a critical incident than pulling the trigger and hitting your target.  Prepared and Qualified will walk you through a critical incident from the fight with yourself and the unnatural act of human aggression, to reducing your liability during the fight with the bad guy, and finally the fight you will face with your department, the courts and the general public.  Learn how to deal with the Garrity Rule and how to return to life as usual after a highly unusual event.

The ability to use force against another person is a significant distinction between the law enforcement community and the remainder of society.  Using force against another is a responsibility, not a privilege.  This fact combined with the sometimes ravenous media means that virtually all uses of force by law enforcement will come under intense scrutiny.  Prepared and Qualified is ideal for not only the line officers and supervisors, but also chiefs and borough or township officials.  Essentially, this course is for anyone in the law enforcement community who may have to use force or anyone who supervises or manages the people who use force.

Prepared and Qualified is presented by Joe Hogarth, a Sergeant with Carlisle Borough Police Department, and Mike Guido, Lieutenant of Operations for Dickinson College, retired Carlisle Borough Police Sergeant and an expert witness.  Joe and Mike are long time law enforcement officers, SWAT members and well known instructors in the law enforcement community.  They truly thought they were prepared and qualified.  However, after a lethal force event, Joe and Mike realized there was more to surviving an incident than just being alive at the end of the shift.  Learn what to expect and how to survive traumatic stress from two guys who have literally, “been there and done that.”  From the station to the street and finally in the courtroom, Prepared and Qualified will show you how to limit your liability and ensure your emotional survival.  It is human to want to survive, however the ability to survive must be learned.  Allow Prepared and Qualified to teach you how to win the fight and how to survive after the fight is over.

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Survival is an attitude.  Live, work, train with attitude.