EMS Training

Every EMS student has been trained to utter the phrase “scene safety”, but what do they really KNOW about scene safety.  How many providers have ever been trained to determine whether the scene is actually safe and how many know what to do if a safe scene suddenly becomes unsafe?

There will always be the potential for violence against and injury to EMS providers.  But you can decide whether you will be one of the lucky ones who never get attacked, whether you will be a victim, or whether you will be prepared to respond in order to protect yourself and escape.

MG Tactical Advantage’s training for medical personnel will provide you with the skills, techniques and mind set to recognize the potential for an attack and deescalate that potential if possible.  Our training will teach you to avoid an attack whenever possible and to ultimately escape without injury whenever avoidance is impossible.

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Contact us for  more information about our Violent Patient Control course.