MG Tactical Advantage has been providing quality, fast-paced and effective training courses since 1997.  At MG Tactical Advantage, we are about more than just mastering skills.  We pride ourselves on making sure every student walks away with a relevant knowledge base, a lasting competency to better deal with real world situations, and the confidence that his or her actions (which are actually reactions) are defendable.

Our courses are dynamic and interesting.  There will be no dry, run of the mill classes here.  Each course is evaluated and re-evaluated to ensure it is interesting, necessary, effective, and reasonable.  Skills that are complicated or unreliable are removed and replaced by newer, easier and more defendable ideas.  MG Tactical Advantage courses are objective based.  More emphasis is placed on the ultimate outcome than is placed on following an exact complicated set of actions or steps.

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You dedicate your life to your work, shouldn’t your training be dedicated to your survival.  Let MG Tactical Advantage training help you prepare to survive the streets, the station and the lawsuit that is sure to follow.  Click on a course name below to learn more.

Law Enforcement Training: