De-escalation and Conflict Resolution

As human beings we are social creatures, but anytime there are two or more people together there will be conflict.  MG Tactical Advantage’s training will teach you how to identify that conflict is brewing, prevent the conflicts that are preventable, and de-escalate the conflicts that are in progress.  Learn verbal and non-verbal skills that will escalate or de-escalates most events.  Discover how emotions, social media, diversity, biases, and developmental stages can increase the likelihood and severity of conflicts.  Most importantly, learn the one thing that you can always control in a crisis and how to control it.

Our 6 hour de-escalation and conflict resolution training can be performed in your school to learn how to use your environment to your advantage.  Be in the classroom de-escalating student confrontations, handle custody disputes and irate parents in your lobby, and then practice your skills during realistic scenarios in your main office, library, or wherever conflicts are likely to occur for you.

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