For a long time, our schools have been a safe haven for the children that walked their halls.  But a sad reality is emerging that predators and harm can encroach upon this safe haven.  From mass shootings to pedophiles and elicit student-staff relationships, schools are being faced with more and more safety challenges.

The MG Tactical Advantage School Safety division is committed to making these challenges easier to survive, navigate, defend and recover from.    As the threats grow larger and the public demands more assurance that their children are safe, how is a school district expected to “do it all”?   Well, Mike Hurley of the Cumberland County Safe Schools Association teamed up with Dickinson College Department of Public Safety Lieutenant of Operations Mike Guido to figure out just that.  And while they don’t have all of the answers, they certainly have valuable insights and experience that can make your trials and tribulations easier to overcome.


Our School Safety division was born out of the working relationship between Mike Guido (more than 30 years of Law enforcement experience) and Mike Hurley (more than 28 years as a school administrator and 30 + years as an emergency management planner).  MG Tactical Advantage has the unique advantage of drawing experience from both the law enforcement and the school safety and administration worlds.  Mike and Mike met years ago through their jobs as a Police Officer (Guido) and the Director of Safety and Security for a local school district (Hurley).   They realized that there were great differences in their positions and that those differences could be mutually beneficial if they worked together.    MG Tactical Advantage has been providing quality school safety, consulting and emergency planning services for more than 13 years.    Additionally, MG Tactical Advantage will design training or consultation services to meet your needs.  We do not believe in a one size fits all approach to meeting individual needs.

The following is a listing of training and consulting services that can be modified to meet your school’s unique and specific needs.  Click on the title for more information of call MG Tactical Advantage at  717-243-1304 or contact us.

Training classes –

The Reality  – Surviving a School Shooting Scenario   (for school personnel)

Rapid Deployment / Active Shooter Response Training      (for your local police department)

De-escalation and Conflict Resolution for School Personnel

Violent Student Identification and Management

School Bus Hostage Drills

Consultation Services –

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

Human Resources

School Safety/Emergency Plan Review

School Safety/Emergency Plan Development